Tecumseh IFRD Motorcycle Festival

By Ann Clark (other events)

2 Dates Through May 02, 2021

This is the biker family event you've been searching for!  To kick off the riding season, Nebraska's very own chapter of the Chrome Angelz Riding Club in cooperation with Women of Worth Moto Group and Montz Motorcycle Museum is bringing a bike festival to the town square of Tecumseh!  With vendors and entertainment around the town square, there will be a little something for everyone.  The town of Tecumseh has opened its arms to all bikers, men and women, old and young in the home of the largest privately held motorcycle collection, the Montz Motorcycle Museum.  Highlighting International Female Ride Day, this rally will be Nebraska's premiere event of 2021.  There will be women's group rides, raffles and a silent auction to benefit Magdalene Omaha, an organization that provides safe shelter and services for survivors of sex trafficking in Nebraska.  

This year's IFRD will include a lot of events men will want to participate in as well, so bring your man!  From Friday evening's entertainment provided by Kristina Craig and Exit 148 to Saturday's raffles and silent auctions to vendors and the beer garden...there will be something he will enjoy.  And, of course, the whole town will be coming out for a whole afternoon of entertainment featuring Biker Comedian Susan Udero and Celebrity Impersonator Bill Chrastil and a high-energy live band at the street dance!

So what is IFRD anyway?  IFRD stands for International Female Ride Day.  It is a global campaign introduced by Vicki Gray, director and founder of Motoress Magazine to ensure the growth of women in motorcycling. In the last ten years, women riders have doubled in numbers, making almost one in five riders on the road female. The focus of this event is to get women riders and the men who support them to get out and "just ride". This one day is devoted to all women riders of all levels of ability and ages to demonstrate their personal passion for riding. You'll meet and network with other women who ride and find support and comeraderie by fostering new friendships by participating in this event.

Q:  Is this an event an "all-women thing"?  

A:  Absolutely not!  This event, while more family-oriented than some rallies you may have gone to, is for everyone.  We are, however, highlighting the contributions and accomplishments of women in the biking world and giving them an opportunity to shine!  

Q: Can men join the group rides?

A: Absolutely! We just ask that the women ride up front on the group rides and men ride toward the rear. If you choose to ride toward the rear with your man, you certainly may! It's all about what makes you happy!

Q: Where can I learn more about IFRD?


Q: What kind of bike do you have to ride?

A: Whatever bike you ride! IFRD doesn't restrict brands of bikes; you only need what you can ride safely at highway speeds an you need to be able to ride 100 miles between refueling.  It doesn't matter if you're metric or standard, on twos or's all about getting your knees in the breeze!

Q: Are there any rules?

A: You must have active motorcycle insurance and a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers' license to participate in the group rides. And, you must understand that the neither the Dream Chaserz and Chrome Angelz Riding Club nor Women of Worth Moto Group will accept responsibility for any injuries, thefts etc. from your voluntary participation in this event.

As always, ride your ride. If something is uncomfortable, use your best judgement and keep yourself safe, being mindful for the safety of the group you are with.